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No More: The Book

The management world is littered with "best practices" that most of us simply accept and apply in our day-to-day work. No questions asked.

"Praise in public, criticize in private."

"Use incentives to stimulate the right behavior."

"Use career ladders to grow your people."

Do these practices still apply in today's workplace? In fact, have they ever really worked? Do they come at any hidden costs we may not have considered?

I am working on “No More,” a bundling of essays challenging some our foundational practices in management, and life in general.

Topics range from the more philosophical (“No More Judgment”, "No More Rewards", “No More Finger Pointing”) to the more practical (“No More Requirements”, “No More Fancy Technology”).

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    “About time!”

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    About the author

    My name is Zef Hemel. Chances are you have not heard of me. That's alright. You are not alone, this is the case for most of the world population (FOR NOW).

    At this point, most authors would boost their "credentials": I have a PhD! I was a VP and Director of Engineering in multiple companies, some of which may sound vaguely familiar! Therefore, you all ought to listen to me (and give me moneyz for the bookz).

    I won't do that, I prefer my writing to be appreciated based on merit, not authority.